photos credits © Annie Fafard
This typical Montreal duplex, located near La Plaza Saint Hubert in Villeray, was built at the start of the 20th century. Now inhabited by artists, they wanted to completely renovate it to bring it up to date and make it perfectly match their wishes.

For this unique and 100% personalized place, the color has been custom created, and many elements have been recycled and embellished for an incomparable effect.

The kitchen, delimited by a long counter, is open to the dining room which allows light to enter this sophisticated living space. The backsplash was designed in slate, dark natural stone that comes in contrast with the furniture. Above is a white extractor hood, discreet and elegant.

The large central island is fully exploited. In addition to accommodating a sink, it converts into storage space, worktop and dining table. For a perfect harmony, the recovered stools have white feet reminiscent of the color of the quartz countertop, and wooden seats that blend perfectly with the refreshing green of the room. The lights, made by the owner, Cyrc Design, are made from fair trade recycled materials.

This magnificent project has given a second life to certain objects and brings a remarkable character to this house.