photos credits © Annie Fafard
It was as a family that they decided on a new kitchen with black shades for elegance, and white for simplicity.

The central island is divided into two parts, its clear dekton countertop in marble style, which houses a sink; and its dark, deep black base provides space to sit in and eat. Golden accessories, such as part of the faucet, the handles and the legs of the stools, illuminate this space in small touches and blend wonderfully with the decor.

The large black stove adds character to the kitchen and gives it a vintage feel. Its black lacquered extractor hood, created to measure, breaks the straight lines and highlights the cooking space a little more.

Traditional moldings have been incorporated into the ceiling. Much more than a decorative element, they are an integral part of the structure and create balance and consistency in the design of the kitchen.

Each of the elements has been chosen with great care for a kitchen entirely personalized to the desires of our customers: classic and contemporary.