photos credits © Annie Fafard
The owner of this house collaborated with her sister Tiina Vahtola, interior designer at Talo Studios, to imagine a bright, modern and timeless kitchen. The choice of color was obvious, a safe bet by using white, while playing on the different materials in order to contrast with the clarity of the room and bring a unique character.

The white oak veneered doors give warmth to the light hues and the touches of black, especially used for the stools, the sink, the handles and the outlines of the doors and windows provide contrast and give a chic minimalist look . We also used a light gray to highlight all the countertops.

The central island, entirely personalized, with one of its rounded sides, brings fluidity and its earthenware piece of furniture, a new texture for white in another form.

In the dining area, the bench was made to measure in natural white oak, which perfectly surrounds the table. This provides a comfortable place to sit during meals while saving space in the room.